Communication platform

Communication platform includes all the activities and experiences that are exchanged during the three-year project. It has two dimensions: written material, which can be found through practical case studies' collections LakeArchive (LakeWiki), and information of seminars, study site visits and other events held during the project.

LakeArchive/LakeWiki is a web-database, which includes various collection of restoration cases of lakes, ponds and reservoirs from project partner regions. Some of these have been visited during the project seminars. Each lake has a page in LakeArchive/LakeWiki with the information of the characteristics, restoration activities and other relevant knowledge.

LakeAdmin Seminars have emphasized important restoration and management issues. Each seminar has had a special theme around which the presentations have focused.

A part of the project is the Lake Policy Advisory Board, which has offered a forum for discussions between the project experts and management authorities of the regions.


communication platform


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